We are Turning Bio Waste into Eco-Bags

Releaf solves two major problems with their technology and manufacturing. The first is the amount of bio waste created by fallen leaves. The second problem solved is in the issues with the paper industry. Through Releaf’s eco-bags fallen leaves are collected and turned into planet-friendly paper bags.

Why leaves?

Leaves are considered ‘biological waste’ when they are found in cities. They need to be safely disposed of in order to keep streets clean and avoid releasing nitrogen into the air. Typically, they are burnt. But, this damages the atmosphere by releasing emissions of carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses into the air. Nature, animals, and people are all bound to suffer if we continue on with this practice. 

Additionally, leaves are a source of cellulose which is what paper is made from. The current practices in making paper are killing the environment as deforestation runs rampant. Leaves are an affordable, raw material that are easily found and available all year round. The pulp of the leaves is a substitute for the wood cellulose typically found in paper. Leaves not only need to be disposed of properly, but by using them we are saving forests from being destroyed.


Air passes well through Releaf paper, ensuring good circulation.

How it works

Leaf Transportation

We collect and receive leaves from urban ecosystems such as residential areas, city parks, and sidewalks.

Leaves vs Wood

Raw Materials

Releaf paper is made from plant waste while regular paper requires tree felling 


Paper from leaves degrades in just 30 days while ordinary paper can take up to 270 days


No hazardous chemical compounds are used in the production of Releaf paper while plain paper contains sulfur and chlorine


Carbon dioxide emissions are 78% lower compared to traditional paper manufacturing.

Time to Make Paper Woodless


During the production of our material, carbon emissions are reduced, water consumption is lessened, and 2.3 tons of leaves per ton of paper is disposed of. Most importantly, not a single tree is cut down.

Absolutely. We use no hazardous chemicals in the making of our paper.

We produce bags of various sizes and paper sheets.