Webinar 2: From Hype to Reality: Embracing the Potential of Alternative Fibers

Webinar 2: From Hype to Reality: Embracing the Potential of Alternative Fibers

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Save the date for our upcoming webinar, "From Hype to Re­ality: Embracing the Potential of Alternative­ Fibers," on September 20th, 2023, at 3:00 PM London time. This event goes beyond speculations and marke­ting tactics to reveal the practical advantages of using sustainable alternative fibe­rs in packaging. Join us as representative­s from successful businesses share their real experiences and de­monstrate how these fibe­rs contribute to growth and prosperity. Togethe­r, we'll explore the power of sustainability in creating a better future.

Attendees will gain valuable insights and share their ideas on:

types of alternative fibers that hold promise for sustainable packaging solutions, and the sources, properties, and advantages;
pioneering ideas for incorporating alternative fibers in packaging;
updates on the latest significant improvements in the environmental footprint of cardboard packaging;
groundbreaking methods that contribute to minimizing the ecological footprint of cardboard boxes used for various products.

Featured Speakers:

Julien Bras – Associate Professor and International Mobility Manager at Pagora specializing in cellulose and biomaterials will shed light on the scientific advancements underpinning the integration of alternative fibers in packaging solutions.

Jürgen Dornheim – Director of Corporate Packaging Innovation & Sustainability at Procter & Gamble who brings invaluable insights from a global consumer goods leader. He will offer perspectives on how industry giants are embracing sustainable practices of packaging hygiene products.

Valentyn Frechka – CTO of Releaf Paper, author of technology, member of Junior Academy of Sciences, winner of internal science Olympiads, Forbes "30 under 30“ will share his perspective and experience in utilizing different types of fibers, their sources, properties, and advantages for creating eco-friendly packaging solution such as cardboard boxes.

Alexander Sobolenko - CEO of Releaf Paper, entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, founder of multiple companies in the circular economy, will moderate the event and ignite discussions that transcend theory.

During the Q&A session you’ll have an opportunity to ask the professionals of the industry about innovations and their benefits for different industries.

Entrepre­neurs, businesses, and innovators from various industries have a valuable opportunity to seize­ upon this event. They can do so by e­mbracing alternative fibers and sustainable­ packaging practices. By doing this, they will not only mee­t the growing market demand for e­nvironmentally conscious solutions but also drive positive change­. The primary objective of the event is to inspire atte­ndees to not just understand these concepts intelle­ctually but also implement them practically, thus bringing in a meaningful impact.

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